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This can hurt is a marriage of sound magicians Jac Noise and Ray M. Their numbers are mixtures of all kind of influences and let us hear 2 solo artists who each build up their own sound. "We wanted to create our own universe!"

This universe is supported by the sound scapes of Jac Noise (drums, samples) and the production of Ray M (singing, guitars, bass, synthesisers). It was not before the beginning of 2014 that Jac took some of his sound scapes to Ray, and the couple expanded this very quickly to Danka and Some Days.

Jac: "We noticed that working together resulted into very nice chemistry and that the two of us could create a small universe. Four months later we already had 14 numbers ready, and this reinforced the statement. Sometimes we experience this as a kind of magic that melts together 2 solo artists without restraining one another, on the contrary."

The group This can Hurt uses a lot of self made sounds for their music, that may have been obtained everywhere, and cannot be found in a synthesizer. Out of these sounds vague sound scapes are created, each having an own sphere.

In this way shades of numbers are created, that become real pop songs , woven together by sensitive singing. The range of influences this results into is very wide. Jac : "By working this way , we release ourselves from genres or boundaries. In this way our numbers become mixtures of sounds that somewhere creeped into the song unconsciously. When we go through these numbers, we even hear elements of new wave, stoner, dub, rock, dance but then mixed in a blender."

Ray: "Also the lyrics have been created in a very natural way. When I was looking at some numbers, I came to the conclusion that passion is a recurring theme : the feeling that each passion ends up in an inevitable turning point. 'This can hurt' was the first name that came into my mind."

After a first ep ( Some Days ) the duo is looking forward to performing in places , where an extra bass and guitar can support them live.

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You can order our ALBUM by clicking here!


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